This Texas city tucked alongside the coast of the Gulf of Mexico holds somewhat of a special place in our hearts here at Heat Wave Inc. If you’ve attended the Corpus Christi Heat Wave before in recent years, then you’ll know why we’re so partial to this area of Texas and that’s because the custom car community heads there every October for fun, amusement, and of course, awesome custom vehicles.

If you live here and you’re wondering what’s going on in terms of events in Corpus Christi, our custom truck show is a can’t-miss event — trust us.

Learn More About Our Local Car Show In Corpus Christi

Discover the final installment of this year’s Feel The Heat Tour by visiting here. In this blog post, we’ll be covering some interesting things about this Texas city that we’ve truly come to know and love over the years. Let’s get started.

Corpus Christi Is a Large Area, But…

…most of the land is actually covered by water if we’re being technical (which we are). Corpus Christi’s total area is about 460.2 square miles but about 75 percent of that area is covered in water, so we’d recommend bringing your swim trunks when you come out for this year’s final Heat Wave custom car show.

Corpus Christi Is Home to the Original Whataburger

For those who live outside of Texas, if you’ve visited even once, then you’ve probably had Whataburger. It’s a Texas burger-infused sensation and the original location is still thriving in downtown Corpus Christi. Heck, it’s a two-story burger joint. That’s the epitome of America right there and we love it.

There’s Plenty of Shoreline to Enjoy

In fact, there’s about 192 square miles of it, so there’s more than enough beach for you to soak in the sun, enjoy the cooling winds, and do so without encountering another soul in the area. Why not make the coastline of Corpus Christi your private oasis?

The Extensive Shoreline Is Kept Very Clean

Thanks to organizations like Friends of Padre and the annual Big Shell Beach Clean-Up, folks have been able to remove over 2.5 million pounds of trash from the Padre Island National Seashore since 1995 (and that’s according to 2016 data, too). The fact that there was that much trash to begin with is sad, but the subsequent cleanup efforts are a refreshing step in the right direction.

Corpus Christi Experience the 4th Deadliest Hurricane of the 20th Century

This fact might not be so much “fun” as it is true, but a September 1919 hurricane ravaged through the area and resulted in 600-1,000 deaths. Only three structures actually managed to withstand the storm.

The USS Lexington

Corpus Christi is home to the Lexington and many people know it as the set for Michael Bay’s 2000 film Pearl Harbor. Who doesn’t want to walk in the 18-19-year-old footsteps of Ben Affleck and Alec Baldwin?

An Excellent City for Wind-Based Sports

Wyoming locals would enjoy relocating to Corpus Christi not necessarily because of the coastal location but because of the fact that it’s windy here. It’s windy enough that Corpus Christi is widely considered one of the single best cities in North America (not just the United States) for activities like kiteboarding, windsurfing, kite flying, and sailing. The Windsurfing World Championships have even been held in Corpus Christi!

As you might guess, Corpus Christi is also a great hub for companies in the wind energy sector.

More Birds Than Your Average City

If you enjoy bird watching then Corpus Christi will probably be paradise for you. That’s because from 2003-2011 — nine consecutive years — the city was declared the “Birdiest City” in the United States with more individual avian species than anywhere else. The high wind speeds may have something to do with it but we’re not bird experts so we can’t explain why this area is such a hub for birds.

Snow Isn’t Unheard Of In Corpus Christi

It’s true. The largest recorded snowfall was an impressive five inches back in 1897. That’s a long time ago but that’s also pretty crazy considering that the average temperature in January is about 65 degrees.

Eva Longoria Called Corpus Christi Home at One Point

In addition, Barbara Mandrell also lived in Corpus Christi at one point during her childhood and Farrah Fawcett was born here. Here’s a takeaway fact that we’re almost positive you didn’t already know: Eva Longoria served shakes at one of the local Wendy’s restaurants in the area. We’re guessing this was before she got famous…

White Out

The term “liquid paper” might not make very much sense, but when you see “White Out,” you probably know what we’re talking about. Indeed, the very inventor of White Out, Bette Nesmith Graham, is from Corpus Christi. In other words, Corpus Christi is responsible for raising the individual who helped give us a second chance at one point or another.

Mount Rushmore

Gutzon Borgium, a man with an interesting name, designed Mount Rushmore. He wasn’t born in Corpus Christi but he did also design the Corpus Christi seawall which is a fairly big deal in the area.

The Most Exciting Custom Car Show Is Right Here In Corpus Christi

The final show of the 2018 Feel The Heat Tour is just around the corner and we’re as excited as you. Are you ready? Check more information about this local event in Corpus Christi by visiting here.

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