1. The History of the Mini Truck In America

    Mini trucks didn’t get popular out of nowhere. Over time, compact pickup trucks started to gain traction for practical and aesthetic-based reasons and now, we celebrate the advent of the mini truck through custom car shows like the upcoming Corpus Christi Heat Wave. David MacDonald, founder of Hea…Read More

  2. Why We Love Mini Trucks So Much

    It’s not too uncommon that we get asked the following question, “Why mini trucks? Why pour money into customizing a truck that you can’t even take off road?” Sure, it’s true that mini trucks don’t see much action off the paved road. However, mini truck culture is still massively popular …Read More

  3. What People Love The Most About Our Custom Truck Shows

    The screech of burning rubber. The deafening blast of multiple subwoofers. The billowing tire smoke. The pride of owning and maintaining a clean, unique vehicle. These are dynamics that you’ll encounter when you attend one of our custom car shows in Texas, and takeaway experiences from people who …Read More

  4. Why Do People Enjoy Going To Custom Car And Truck Shows

    Why Do People Enjoy Going To Custom Car And Truck Shows?

    People have long been going to car shows practically since Henry Ford brought the Model T to market. Now, car shows and cars themselves looked quite different back in the early 1900s, and though the automotive industry as a whole has come a long way since then, something remains the same: we have pr…Read More