Information Once you have arrived and registered for the show, your vehicle will be classed by our staff and parked in a designated area. Judging is on Saturday and Sunday. If you want your club to park together, you must wait for them all and enter the show area together. We will not save spaces for anyone. If you have 10 or more vehicles and want to reserve an area for your club, please contact our office for more information. Also, we ask that you please do not move your vehicle before 6:00pm or you may risk being disqualified. Best Of awards will be judged on Saturday between 3:00pm and 7:00pm. If you want to be considered for any of these awards, you must not move your vehicle until 7:00pm on Saturday. There will be NO registration on Sunday after 11am. Show entries must be back in the show area no later than 10:00am on Sunday morning to ensure your vehicle is judged and eligible for an award. Registration Judging Points: Your vehicle will be judged according to specific classes. Please leave the vehicle’s interior, engine, trunk, etc. open and accessible for judging purposes. If a judge is unable to get to a certain area of your vehicle, you will receive 0 points for that area. The judges will not be able to come back to your vehicle later to re-judge an area. 95 points for exterior 65 points for interior 15 points for overall display, workmanship and cleanliness Total of 150 possible points Do not remove any dots, marks or paperwork from your vehicle that are needed for judging purposes. If you have any other issues, you must contact the head judge or classifier before 11:00am on Sunday. Anyone’s conduct that is threatening or detrimental to the staff, participants, vendors or spectators will result in disqualification and being asked to leave the event. We reserve the right to make changes as necessary. Judging Rules Your vehicle MUST stay parked until 6:00pm on Saturday and until after the awards presentation on Sunday. If you move before then, you are subject to disqualification. Also, if you are not back in the show area by 10:00am on Sunday you risk not being judged and there will be no exceptions if this is the case. Do not remove any papers, stickers or markings from your vehicle that may be needed for the judging process. This could result in improper judging of your vehicle or disqualification. Do not bother the judges while they are judging your vehicle or anyone else. Please park where the parking attendants tell you to park. Doing so will help reduce the wait in line and the problem of over-crowding or running out of space. This is such a huge event that there is no time for delays or interruptions. Judging Results: You are welcome to ask questions after the awards presentation. We will be answering questions one at a time in an orderly fashion.

There will be a $25 Fee for not being present for awards Presentation. In order to receive your award after the show it can be mailed to you for the penalty fee plus shipping costs.