“You” and “Your” means any sponsor, vendor, entrant, participant, competitor, or spectator and their respective company, employees directors, agents, assistants, affiliates, and sponsors. “Us”, “We” and “Our” means Heat Wave Inc. in all forms, and its employees, directors, agents, assistants, affiliates, and sponsors. Sharing/renting/donating booth space is prohibited. Soliciting of any kind is prohibited, unless permitted through Your purchase of a booth or You have received Our written permission. If You are found doing so, You will be escorted from the premises with NO REFUND. Liability: You hereby discharge Us from any and all know and unknown damages, lost/stolen/damaged merchandise and or property, injury that may occur to You, losses, claims from any cause whatsoever that You may suffer. Further, You agree to indemnify Us from all liability resulting from Your conduct or participation at the event. Damages: Full or partial damage to tents, generators or other property due to Your negligence, or damage to the property because of Your vandalism, malicious mischief or theft shall cause You to be liable for the damages suffered. We reserve the right to restrict You from any and all Our activities. You are subject to eviction from the premises if We deem Your behavior to be objectionable for any reason. Objections include, but are not limited to: environmental damage You or Your vehicle(s) cause, or when Your appearance, vehicle, property, printed material, or conduct is considered to be unbecoming to the image the show projects. In the event of Your eviction or restriction, You will not receive a refund. In the event We find it necessary to sue in the court of law in order to enforce collection of moneys stipulated herein or otherwise to enforce the terms of this agreement You agree to pay reasonable attorney fees pursuant to such actions. Refunds: No refunds shall be issued, except for the following conditions. Sponsorships, booths, and associated fees may be refunded based on cancellation date: 50% refund-90+ Days prior to show date – 25% refund-60-89 Days prior to show date – 0% refund-59 Days or less to show date. Our sole discretion.