Audio Competition

Audio Sound Off

Heat Wave Inc's audio contest is the perfect platform for audio enthusiasts who want to showcase their passion for the best in-car audio systems. But, our audio contest isn't just any ordinary contest. Our event is sanctioned by the United States Autosound Competition International (USACi), a globally recognized organization that has become an integral part of the car audio industry. USACi has grown into an international car audio megalith, with over a dozen countries worldwide, and a following of hundreds of thousands of people internationally. With the widest variety of competitive formats and feature attractions, USACi is unrivaled in its status as the standard bearer of competitive car audio.

Best of all, Heat Wave Inc's audio contest is open to all comers, from professional installers to the most ardent do-it-yourselfers. Our contests feature a wide range of audio competition categories, including Sound Quality, Bass, and SPL (Sound Pressure Level) events. Our contestants are judged by highly-skilled professionals who ensure that every audio system is tested fairly and accurately, according to strict criteria. Several prizes are up for grabs, including our grand prize that is simply too good to miss!

So, whether you're looking to compete or just enjoy some of the best in-car audio systems in the world, Heat Wave Inc's audio contest is an event that you don't want to miss! Come out and be a part of the excitement and see why we are the ultimate destination in the US for car audio enthusiasts!



All USACi rules will apply.

Additional Information and Rules

  • In the event of a tie, there must be a tie breaker run off.
  • In the event that USACi or the USACi director changes classes there must be an official letter that is signed by Heat Wave Inc. stating that the official list of award classes will be changed.If USACi or their director fails to produce this document, there will be no changes to the award winner classes.
  • The competitor is responsible to make sure all of their scores are documented on the entry form. Failure to get this information from the USACi judge could result in disqualification from receiving the award even if the USACi score results show that you are the first place winner.
  • In the event you are a class winner that is eligible to win a award, it is the responsibility of the competitor to fill out a award order form if required. This will be done at the awards presentation at the show. All rings are custom made and will be made according to what you fill out on the ring order form.
  • HWI receives the official score and winners list from USACi before the awards presentation. For any award questions, please contact HWI. Score or audio questions must be handled through the USACi main office or the USACi director that was at the event.
  • There will be NO CHANGES to the award list after the awards presentation is over. This will be the FINAL list and no exceptions will be made thereafter. The only exception will be if USACi or the event director clearly 100% made a mistake and it is rectified in a timely manner.