David MacDonald

About David MacDonald And The Spirit Behind Heat Wave Events In Texas

Whether you own a lifted pick-up truck, a custom lowrider with an impressive hydraulic setup, or even a classic muscle car, there’s one man behind the scenes who’s helped make custom car shows in Texas possible: it’s David MacDonald.

About David MacDonald, Founder Of Heat Wave Inc.


David MacDonald has always had a distinct passion for automobiles. At the young age of 15, he wanted his first car — a fast Pontiac Trans AM, to be exact. Though his parents settled for a much more sensible hand-me-down yellow 1970 Dotson B210 hatchback, it didn’t stop David from pursuing his automotive dreams.

A modest job as a Safeway grocery bagger, combined with countless hours of hard work, enabled David to put money down on his very first mini truck. At 16, David bought a 1986 Mazda B210, and on the same week of the purchase, he immediately lowered it with his friend John Cragle. Unfortunately, a wrench slipped off of a bolt and busted David right in the face, sending him to the ER for the night.

This automotive injury didn’t phase David or John, and the truck was lowered with old school lowering blocks. The two continued to passionately work on their trucks every possible moment until they started to look show-worthy. Their trucks eventually caught the attention of Jessie Zapata, president of Impressive Minis. Jessie invited them to join the club, and from there, the mini truck lifestyle really started to take hold…

Texas Heat Wave 2019


As David and his mini truck-owning buddies began to dive deeper into the scene, cruises down 6th Street in downtown Austin became commonplace (they were too young to go into the bars at the time!). They started to branch out and drive all around Texas to different shows, meeting different folks and learning more about putting on custom truck events.

Eventually, David and John founded Custom Miniz (Friendz-N-Motion), building their own mini truck community. Because a lot of the guys didn’t have a ton of money, they helped each other work on their trucks. The value of helping one another would grow into the spirit that unites the mini truck scene.


After raising money for the club through car washes and other fundraisers like the Blue Santa Program, David eventually got connected to the Southern California mini truck scene and met Bob Hase.

Bob had a very positive impact on David’s life. David speaks very highly of him:

“Bob Hase is my single most [important] inspiration to what I have done with the Texas Heat Wave for the last 26 years and beyond.”

With the support of Bob, members of the Southern California mini truck community, and several clubs in Texas, Texas Heat Wave was born in 1989. After a successful first year in Round Rock at Settler’s Park, David and the crew knew that they had started something incredible that would only grow in the years to come.

Decades later, complete with countless stories, unforgettable memories, and thousands and thousands of incredible custom vehicles, David looks back on the Heat Wave legacy with pride. He’s honored to do what he loves day-in and day out, and he looks forward to seeing everyone at the upcoming Texas Heatwave in July at the Travis County Expo Center. Get your tickets today!

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