What people love the most about our custom truck shows

What People Love The Most About Our Custom Truck Shows

The screech of burning rubber. The deafening blast of multiple subwoofers. The billowing tire smoke. The pride of owning and maintaining a clean, unique vehicle. These are dynamics that you’ll encounter when you attend one of our custom car shows in Texas, and takeaway experiences from people who have attended our shows in the past. There’s a lot of action and fun that goes down here at Heat Wave Inc., and to put it simply, people love our custom truck shows because they’re badass.

We think that many of our attendees and participants would have a hard time disagreeing with that.

What You’ll Experience At Every Heat Wave Show

As we said, there’s a lot going on when you cruise around a Heat Wave event. From Spring Break Jam on South Padre Island to The Corpus Christi Heat Wave in October, we’re fortunate enough to celebrate a long season of car modifications. Come join the fun!

If you’ve never had the chance to hit up one of our car shows, we urge you to read about what you’re missing out on:


For those with sensitive hearing, you’re going to want to bring earplugs to this one. Heat Wave Inc. is proud to incorporate audio contests into every custom car show that we throw, and you’ll definitely want to catch an auditory glimpse at some of the custom sound systems that people bring to the table.


Our exciting bikini contests have been a part of the Heat Wave experience since our first show, and they always draw a large crowd! Get more details by visiting the link above.

Are You Ready For The Heat?


Burnout contests at Heat Wave car shows are, perhaps, the most sought-after event by participants and attendees alike. Burnout participants try their best at putting out the most smoke, and if you’re lucky, you may witness them blowing out a tire or two. What many people don’t know is that motorcycles are also allowed to participate in our burnout contests, so everyone can get in on the fun (provided that you meet our burnout contest qualifications).

For spectators who value the useful tread on their tires, our burnout contests still provide hours and entertainment and fun.


As an ongoing tradition for over a quarter century and counting, hydraulic contests at Heat Wave events draw some of the biggest crowds we’ve ever seen at our custom car shows. If your vehicle “hops,” then we’d love to see what you got!

Heat Wave Inc. — Bringing The Custom Car Show Community Together

The excitement in our car shows does lie in the adrenaline-pumping events that we offer, but ultimately, we’ve been able to help curate a tight-knit community with one mutual passion: vehicles! We’re incredibly honored to foster a growing community that treats other car owners with nothing but respect, even if tastes differ (which they do).

To get the full Heat Wave experience, you just have to attend one of our shows. Make it happen and learn more by contacting us today!

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