What's More Exciting Than a burnout or hydraulic contest?

What’s More Exciting Than A Burnout Or Hydraulic Contest?

Here’s the answer to that question: not much. Once you’ve experienced the sheer tire-screeching thrill that is a burnout competition at our Texas custom truck shows, well, you’ll know that little to nothing compares from a spectator standpoint. As a participant, it probably is just about one of the most exciting things that you could do. As the rubber on your tires, well…we’re sorry.

There’s Plenty To Check Out At Our Upcoming Custom Car Show In Corpus Christi

Of course, burnout contests at the upcoming Corpus Christi Heat Wave on November 10th-11th are only one of the many events that will unfold over at the weekend. Besides showcasing your custom vehicle and congregating fellow automotive enthusiasts, Heat Wave Inc. also offers an ear-shattering audio competition, bikini contest, hydraulic contest (just look how high that car is!), and plenty more to enjoy.

Oh, and did we mention that our hydraulic contest is among the biggest in the entire great state of Texas? Seriously — the highest lowrider hop was achieved by Robert White in Austin. He drove a converted school bus known as the “Honeybadger” and achieved a total jump of 163.25 inches!

If that sounds impossible, we’d encourage you to reach out to us and see hydraulic jumps of that magnitude for yourself this November!

Here are a few events that aren’t quite as exciting as a burnout or hydraulic contest, but they probably come pretty close.


This probably wasn’t a fair example to begin with as there are few things more thrilling and adrenaline-packed than jumping out of a plane. Actually, skydiving more or less beats out just about any adventure junkie activity on the planet.


Let’s face it; a rally is more up our alley. Monster trucks are massive, loud, smelly, and perfectly capture the essence of America. You’re sitting there to watch these monster truck drivers jump multiple cars or buses at one time and to do other tricks and jumps on a giant dirt course in the middle of a gigantic stadium. With a beer in hand and sore vocal cords from yelling for hours on end, we couldn’t think of many better ways to spend our time!

Are You Ready For The Heat?


We’ll admit that anything having to do with snow is foreign to us; it’s not really within our vertical. However, when you give the concept of skiing or snowboarding more thought, it starts to make sense how thrilling these activities really are. After strapping skis or a snowboard to your feet, you head up to the top of a mountain and fly down it at ridiculous speeds. That sounds like a win in our book, but being here in Texas it’s not likely that we’ll be hitting the mountains anytime soon.

Join Heat Wave On November 10th And 11th!

The final installation of the 2018 Heat Wave tour is just around the corner and we don’t want you to miss out on all of the action that’s (roughly) comparable to what we covered in today’s blog. Learn more about our custom car and truck show in Corpus Christi today!

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