Why do people enjoy going to custom car & truck shows?

Why Do People Enjoy Going To Custom Car And Truck Shows?

People have long been going to car shows practically since Henry Ford brought the Model T to market. Now, car shows and cars themselves looked quite different back in the early 1900s, and though the automotive industry as a whole has come a long way since then, something remains the same: we have pride in our ride.

And why shouldn’t we enjoy, and even boast about, what we drive? Sure, some people simply see their car as a mere way to get from point a to point b, but here at Heat Wave Inc., we value our vehicles so much more than that. Our cars and trucks are an expression of who we are. Whether or not you’re modding your car or taking it to one of our custom truck shows in Texas, it’s true that what you drive says a lot about you as the owner.

Understanding The Heat Behind Heat Wave Events

For those who don’t quite understand the appeal of attending or getting involved with a car show, here are a few great reasons that people love showing up time and time again to the Heat Wave series.

There's a lot to love about Heat Wave custom car shows


For those not heavily involved in the custom vehicle scene, you’re going to see many, many cool cars and trucks that may account for less than one percent of the traffic on our Texas roads. While many Texas car owners take a lot of pride in what they drive and where they live, the custom vehicles you’ll see at Heat Wave events really are something else.


For many in the custom car community, modding out vehicles is so much more than a hobby or a passion — it’s a lifestyle and even a career for many folks. It’s interesting to see what can be done with a stock car. It’s not that these often ridiculous modifications should take place, but the appeal lies in the fact that we can do what we do.

Are You Ready For The Heat?


Throughout any Heat Wave show that you attend, or any type of car meet up, for that matter, what you’ll notice is that people have wildly differing tastes. Walking around, you’ll see massively lifted pick up trucks, “hoppers” and “dancers” fitted with nutty hydraulic suspension systems, modified JDM vehicles, European exotics, motorcycles, and so much more.

One of the best parts about a car show is that you’re free to express and show off your own pride and joy as you please, so long as you respect other people’s differing tastes. At Heat Wave events, people know how much others care about their rides, and we know how much these people respect that. Honestly, it’s really cool.

Attend Our 2019 Series Of Heat Wave Shows!

We’re currently in the car show off-season right now, but that means that owners have a few months to get their custom vehicles ready for show season. Are you getting ready? Check out the Spring Break Jam, Texas Showdown, Texas Heatwave, and Corpus Christi Heatwave today!

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