Why We love Mini Trucks so much

Why We Love Mini Trucks So Much

It’s not too uncommon that we get asked the following question, “Why mini trucks? Why pour money into customizing a truck that you can’t even take off road?” Sure, it’s true that mini trucks don’t see much action off the paved road. However, mini truck culture is still massively popular around the United States and even all over the world. After all, Heat Wave Inc. hosts a number of custom truck shows in Texas every year just to celebrate vehicles like the mini truck!

Preparing For Next Year’s Custom Car Shows — The Hottest Events In Texas

If you thought that the Texas heat couldn’t get hotter, then you haven’t attended one our car shows and mini truck rallies. Every year, the custom car community continues to grow, and we’re proud to say that Heat Wave Inc. is now celebrating 30 years in the business — that’s three decades of hosting the best auto shows in the nation!

In today’s blog, we’ll take a brief look at why we love the mini truck so much. Questions? Contact us here, or feel free to learn more about us by watching videos from previous years. Let’s get started!


Pick up trucks weren’t always so giant. Remember when the Ford Ranger was actually a smaller, compact truck instead of something that’s now much larger than the old F150? Modern trucks are fine pieces of automotive engineering, but they lack the ever-stylish aesthetics of a mini truck. Plus, you don’t have to walk half a mile just to view mini trucks from every angle.


Every hobby gets pretty expensive at one point or another, but compared to other custom car modifications, mini trucks tend to be on the cheaper side of things. That is, if you can find the right parts…

Are You Ready For The Heat?


As computerized technology continues to dominate modern automobiles, older vehicles just look easier and easier to work on, and that’s because it’s true. To work on a mini truck, you generally only need access to basic tools and a supportive internet forum. Of course, any mini truck veteran may disagree with us on this one as they’ve likely spent hours wrenching on their truck, but there’s no doubt that these old trucks are more simple to mess around with than brand new trucks.


It’s true that mini trucks aren’t that fast, and that’s because they’re usually fitted with a small engine, so it makes sense. However, because mini trucks are so lightweight, this still gives them a reasonable power to weight ratio. Better yet, some mini truck drivers easily enjoy well over 30 mpg because there’s no gas-sucking V8 under the hood.

Show Us What You Got In 2019!

The Feel The Heat Tour 2019 is already ramping up a lot of excitement among the custom car and truck community here in Texas and around the country. Are you ready? See what’s coming by visiting here!

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